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          1. Hotline:68080888
            Contact Us
              • shanghai tonglai sapu screw machinery co., ltd.
              • Tel:68080888  /  68194768
              • Contact:MISS MARGARET
              • Mail:sapumargaret888@163.com   /   sapu6608@163.com
              • Add: NO.40,Kangqiao Road 905,Pudong New Area, Shanghai
            Location: Home >> About Us >> Company Profile

            Company Profile

            shanghai tonglai sapu screw machinery co., ltd.

            Germany Sapu Group was founded in 1912 in the German city of Waldorf,it’s a world-class professional design and development of various forms of air compressors and twin-screw compressor company,

            with nearly a hundred years of experience and advanced manufacturing Technology. Sapu Group has developed into a modern world in the production of low pressure compressor and the well-known enterprise products. Products include power sources for industrial gas compressors, air compressor and purification systems, storage systems and distribution systems, a more applicable to the specific requirements of the conversion ceremony, screw, piston, mobile and Special features of the compressor explosion-proof equipment.

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