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            Lee government subsidies boost compressor market into the energy industry

            Date:2016-07-11   Click:

            According to the news, as China's industrial system to promote the construction of eco-economic development but also for the development of various sectors of the economy to generate a strong driving force to the compressor is also compact, low energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency and reliability Higher direction, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the brand.

            Faced with the current market, the domestic air compressor manufacturer to enjoy the national energy subsidies, to achieve rapid transformation of production, research and development efforts in the products, and constantly adapt to the technological development to produce more competitive products. Predictable national energy subsidies will play an important success in the market regulation, will directly promote the domestic air compressor market will enter the energy industry.

            Want these policies to promote the advantages of the air compressor industry enterprises to promote their products enthusiasm, ensure air compressor companies in the production of energy-efficient air compressor products, promote environmentally friendly process, it is also able to maintain steady growth in corporate profits.

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